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QR Codes for Your Business

QR codesQuick response (QR) codes were originally developed in Japan in 1994 and have become increasingly popular as a tool for businesses wanting to engage with their customers in new – and more convenient – ways.

QR codes are particularly helpful in creating a link between your online and offline marketing materials. The customer simply scans the quick response code with their smartphone and the QR code will direct their device to perform a particular task.

Common QR Code Tasks Include:
  • Directing customers to a particular page on your website
  • Adding a specific product to a customer’s shopping cart
  • Initiating a phone call to a sales or customer service number
  • Opening your business’s Facebook page or Twitter account
  • Saving contact information – via vcard – to a customer’s phone
  • Opening Maps with directions to your location
  • Sending an SMS to the customer’s phone with a voucher code to show in store
  • Sending an email message
  • Starting a YouTube video with product demonstrations or reviews

… and more!

QR Codes are primarily used to transfer information from you to your customers (or vice versa) but they also give you a unique way to track customer data by giving you valuable analytics and can boost your business’s search engine rankings by increasing traffic to your site.

Most importantly though, QR codes offer a unique way to engage your customers. From taxi shops  to train station supermarkets – and beyond – QR codes are allowing customers to interact with brands on a whole new level and allowing businesses to connect with customers in new and exciting ways.

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