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QR Codes Explained

QR codesQR Codes have practically unlimited uses and if you use them well, they can definitely get your brand noticed for all the right reasons. There are some terrific examples of QR codes being used effectively and they can be a great way to bridge the gap between print and digital.

In the US, for example, Heinz placed QR codes on ketchup bottles to promote their new environmentally friendly packaging. Consumers could scan the code to be taken to a mobile-optimised site where there was a range of trivia questions to answer and people went into the draw to win great prizes. It took only a few weeks for over one million people to scan the QR codes for this initiative.

When done right QR codes can really enhance consumer experience, however, it can be all too easy to use QR codes that do not fit with the habits and expectations of your target market.

Here are some DOs (and DON’Ts) to make sure you create the right associations with your audience and build positive results for your business every time.


  • DON’T put QR codes on billboards or anywhere a customer cannot reach to scan.
  • DO put QR codes on posters that are easy for your customers to scan (e.g. bus shelters) or in press advertisements so that you can link your customer directly to your website where they can buy the product you’re advertising.


  • DON’T put QR codes on posters relating to any sensitive or personal issues (e.g. health problems). Give people a website, email address or phone number instead, that they can use to follow up discreetly.
  • DO use QR codes on a poster advertising your products and services (non-sensitive) so that when a potential customer sees and likes your product they have a direct link to buy from you.


  • DON’T just use a QR codes to link someone to the same info they’ve already seen alongside the code. Always look for ways to reward your visitor for following up e.g. a QR code bonus or discount.
  • DO use QR codes to enter customers and visitors into your very latest competition.

If you’re selective about where you place QR codes then your business will definitely reap the rewards. For more information about using QR codes effectively as part of your marketing efforts, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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