POSPoint of sale (POS) signage is a great way of drawing extra attention to your product or service and can be an effective marketing tool for your business.

The following tips will help you create point of sale signage with a point of difference to make an impact on your customers and your bottom line.

5 Point of Sale Signage Design Tips

1. Display Benefits

Your signage should create desire, so make sure you tell your customer upfront (both in the copy and images you use) just how they are going to benefit from what you have to offer if you want to grab their attention. And don’t forget to include an enticing call to action to motivate sales.

2. Get to the Point

Keep your message and offers simple if you want your signage to be effective. Use visuals to help generate interest such as happy customers using your product or illustrations of how to use it. You can even feature comparison charts and graphs to show just why you offer a better product or service than your competition.

3. Professional Design

Use of bright colours and large fonts can help make a statement to get your point of sale displays noticed. Working with a professional designer can also help you achieve your desired results. They will make sure your POS signage reflects your branding and can come up with bold designs that attract the attention of your customers and prospects.

4. Add Personalisation

Adding personalisation to your point-of-sale marketing will increase its effectiveness. It’s important to speak to your audience so consider creating copy that targets them more directly. So if you’re promoting books, for example, then instead of saying Book Sale your signage try a subtle change to your copy such as – Special Offer for Book Lovers.

5. Be Interactive

Ideally, you want to keep the conversation going with your customers and prospects after they’ve seen your point-of-sale marketing. QR codes and augmented reality let a person interact with your signage using their mobile devices. You could also open up new interaction with your audience by using your signage to encourage them to visit and LIKE your Facebook page.

For customised point of sale signage that gets results for your business, speak to the design experts at your local Kwik Kopy today.