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Packaging Trends for 2015

We can expect to see some wonderful packaging trends shape our world in 2015. Functionality will continue to be important but the packaging itself can also become the hero and help bring your brand in to the spotlight. Let’s take a closer look at some of the packaging trends you can expect to see this year.

3 Packaging Trends for 2015

1.  Be Authentic

Expect 2015 to be a time when people want things to feel less manufactured and less commercial. This year we will see more 2D than 3D as well as matt finishes becoming a hit. Sustainable packaging materials will be a preferred option especially those that are durable and can be recycled. Hand-written (or hand-drawn) typography will also be a trend to let people know there is a face behind a business. You can expect to see brands adopting this approach to add a more personal and authentic touch to gain further credibility with customers and prospects.

Be Authentic - packaging design











2.  Colour Your World

2015 will also be a year of colour and you can expect to see all sorts of colour combos. Brands who want to project more interesting and eclectic values will move away from the colour norms and challenge the rules of the colour wheel.  But colour will also continue to play an important role in packaging to change customer perception of a product such as its quality or value. As well as creating bold labels and packaging, colour is a great way to differentiate products you might have for sale at the same time (such as different flavours of a product) and give them equal representation to your target market.

Colour your world - packaging design







3.  Think Outside the Box

2015 will also be the year where businesses will be looking for ways to leverage digital – even for packaging. Everyone will be striving for intelligent packaging that adds value to the consumer – just imagine, for example, packs that change colour to let us know they’ve reached their sell by date. Brands have already used QR codes and campaign hashtags on packaging to direct customers and prospects to online channels. Some have even gone as far as to incorporate bespoke technology to allow people to gain access to exclusive content via their packaging. Watch for yourself!

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Image source:  packagingoftheworld.com

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