FacebookSocial media is a great way to engage with your customers and attract new prospects, but no business wants to discover that their marketing approach is a trend that has seen better days.

Take Facebook, for example, there have been plenty of trends that have come and gone. You might remember a time when you wrote all your updates in third person and then quickly discovered this approach wasn’t giving you any traction in the marketplace.

The good news is that as certain trends fade away they are replaced with new ideas that ensure your Facebook page makes people want to stick around and learn more about you.

Getting People To LIKE You

If you’ve ever offered your audience something for free in exchange for ‘LIKEs’ on your Facebook business page, then it could be time to change your strategy. This approach (known as ‘like-gating’) was a big deal back in 2011 but trends quickly become old news.

When looking for people to LIKE your company Facebook page, you are hoping to find a loyal customer-base. Where ‘like-gating’ becomes problematic is that it can make people suspicious that you’re going to spam them in the future. Admittedly, it’s a tempting ‘quick fix’ but you’re not going to be attracting quality LIKES that truly add value to your business.

A better approach is to aim for quality over quantity, which means linking to useful, engaging content from your website that makes people LIKE you by choice (as well as engage with you long term)!

Facebook Polls

Once upon a time Facebook Polls were thought to be a great avenue to engage fans in your business. But last year, this feature was shut down in favour of businesses obtaining the same information from their LIKERs simply by asking regular questions in their posts and reviewing the comments posted.

This could be a tactic you think might work for your business, but given the speed trends come and go, this approach could quickly lose its appeal and you might just be better off avoiding Facebook Polls completely. However, there are always exceptions to the rules – so if you’re running a poll or survey on your business website there’s no harm in posting a link on your Facebook page to maximise your target reach.

If you commit to a policy of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ you will continually reap the benefits of having a Facebook business page.