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New Top Level Domains – What Does This Mean For Your Small Business?

Domains2014 marked the start of a new world order in terms of web addresses with the introduction of new top level domains (TLDs), but what are they and more importantly, what do they mean for your business?

So What Exactly is Happening?

All year long (and it’s already started) you’re going to start seeing new top level web domains going live on the Internet. What this means is that instead of seeing websites that end in .com like google.com or apple.com or even kwikkopy.com.au you’re going to start seeing things like google.search, apple.computers and kwikkopy.printing.

The following top level domains have been rolled out (as of February 2014):

  • .bike
  • .clothing
  • .guru
  • .holdings
  • .plumbing
  • .singles
  • .ventures
  • .camera
  • .equipment
  • .estate
  • .gallery
  • .graphics
  • .lighting
  • .photography

But there are hundreds more TLDs planned for release throughout the year.

Want to know more?

Check out this short video that explains more about what is going on.

What does this mean?

Anyone can register a name in the new domains, from individuals to entrepreneurs to businesses. In fact, some of the biggest brands in the world – such as Amazon and McDonalds have already applied for their TLDs. The roll-out has the potential to completely change the Internet – we’re going from 22 top level domains to what could potentially be thousands.

What do you need to do?

Right now there’s nothing you really need to do. For better or worse the TLD rollout is happening, but we don’t yet know how the rollout will be received by consumers or even what road bumps will appear over the next 12 months. Added to that, these new domain names come at a cost, so for now your best bet is to take the ‘wait and see’ approach to the new top level domains until everyone gets a better idea of what’s in store. 

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