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Movie Review – American Hustle

American Hustle

American Hustle

Directed by David O. Russell
138 minutes
Rated MA15+ 

Following the huge success of romantic comedy-drama ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ in 2012, director David O. Russell had certainly left us with high hopes for his latest film, American Hustle. And thankfully, in many ways this film is a sound follow-up.

American Hustle is ‘basically a true story’ (as the opening credits suggest), based on the ABSCAM scandal of the 1970s, with Russell making it into a black comedy. It has an all star cast that work well together. FBI agent (Bradley Cooper) blackmails arrested con artist couple, Irving and Sydney (Christian Bale and Amy Adams), to bring down corrupt politicians. Jeremy Renner plays the Mayor of Camden, New Jersey who dreams of rebuilding Atlantic City. The Miami mob becomes involved (headed by Robert De Niro) and it all spirals out of control. 

The best part of this film was the acting,  Jennifer Lawrence is terrific as Rosalyn, the wife of con artist Irving.  The 70’s hairstyles, particularly Bradley Cooper with his hair in curlers were a hoot. And Christian Bale, who is unrecognisable as a pot bellied, middle aged man with a bad comb over. 

There were some funny parts but the film needed more consistency with the script as there were aspects which seemed to be unnecessary in an overcomplicated plot.  The characters seemed very vacuous and weren’t entirely likable and their lack of development in the roles meant I didn’t care too much what happened to them in the end.  

Verdict:  Not as good as expected, seemed to go off track and messy in places. Great cast and hilarious hairstyles.

Rating: 3.5/5

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