canvas mainWant quality? Think canvas.

Printing on canvas can create an image with the depth, texture and effect that the traditional printed photograph cannot offer. In the home or in the office, canvas is unparalleled in it’s giving power, from amplifying home artwork to boosting your business appeal.

This blog will introduce canvas as a great alternative to poster and vinyl, as well as some providing some quick tips to help you make the most out of a canvas print.

So, just what makes canvas so good?

  • A professional appearance
  • Durability (how else did Mona Lisa survive?)
  • Three dimensional advantage
  • A timeless feel
  • Quality of product

The Right Frame Of Mind

Sometimes, a frame can make all the difference. Selecting the right frame for your image is crucial, and can either draw or avert them. When framing, be sure to consider colour, texture and dimensions, and how they add to the appeal of your image. White frames work well with colour as they let the image speak for itself, while black and white images come alive with a black frame. Timber frames or antique frames enhance more traditional images to give it that timeless feel.

For Something More

Mounting or backing your canvas print makes for a far more professional and valuable look than other alternatives. Mounting is the process of attaching a print to a board, and with the options of wood, foam and even gatorfoam, mounting your print can give you that ‘I belong in the art gallery’ look you want to achieve.

Make Your Home Office

You may associate canvas prints with the shiny lights of an art gallery, or the long hallways of a home, but canvas prints can look just as good, if not better, in an office space. A canvas print is not just a canvas print, not when you get your creative juices flowing.

Canvas For The Office

Feel like adding some colour and style to your company or personal office space? Here are some handy styling tips to help you along.

  • Inject some local flavour; incorporating images from your local area can add a sense of community to your office space.
  • Employ the use of unique and lesser known art; your colleagues and customers will appreciate laying their eyes on never seen before art.
  • Strike a balance; avoid art that conveys a ‘stale’ image, the same goes for a look that’s too casual. Don’t just add any old canvas print, give it some thought as to how you would like your office environment to feel when they see each piece of art.
  • Add a splash of colour; if you want an office space to feel bright, fresh and positive, avoid the strictly neutral theme and introduce a colour motif, and if you’re daring, add a shock of colour. P.s. be careful not to inject too many mood altering colours to your canvas prints if you don’t want your office workflow influenced.
  • Multitask; print your company logo or slogan on canvas which can be useful to leverage your brand as well as to beautify your space.

If you like the sound of these points, canvas printing meets your needs. Contact your local Kwik Kopy for more information and how you can best utilise canvas.

Image Source: “Grey Diamond, Bolotowsky” by Octavio Ruiz Cervera is licensed under CC BY 2.0