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Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to the communityAligning your business to a charity is a great way to give back to the community, but choosing which charity to support can be a challenge. Here are some of the key points we think are worth considering.

Do it for the right reasons

When embarking on a charity initiative, consider the sort of giving that you’d like to be involved in and why you’re doing it.  If corporate charity is undertaken as an obligation or as a means of self-promotion, this will show through in your efforts, and no matter how great your giving, it will be seen as less than sincere.

Do your research

It is important to research the group you choose and ensure their needs and objectives do not conflict with those of your business.

Choose a charity that reflects your own mission or values

Some of the most successful partnerships are those that have a natural fit.  Look for organisations whose mission statements resemble or complement your company’s values.

Pick a charity that means something to you

It’s not always necessary to choose a charity that is directly related to your business.  It can also be effective to pick a charity or cause that means something to you and your team.

Partner with your charity

Look to build a strategic partnership over time where you and your chosen charity work together to promote the relationship.  Through continued involvement both organisations are exposed to each other’s network of contacts which opens the door to even more potential customers/donations and builds a greater brand awareness level within the community.

2014 Kwik Kopy Hands Classic

Next month, Kwik Kopy will host a 500km bike ride between 13th March and 16th March 2014 to raise fund and awareness for the charity Hands Across the Water.  The ride, led by Kwik Kopy and its corporate partners has been successfully raising valuable funds for charity with an annual ride since 2006.

Our chosen charity

Since 2011, Kwik Kopy has been supporting the Sydney-based charity: Hands across the Water which supports the children in Thailand who were orphaned by the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.  Founded by former Police Officer Peter Baines, the charity now supports over 300 orphans and their communities at three different sites and has committed to supporting them for the long term.

One of the things we particularly like about Hands is that 100% of what people donate goes directly to the children and their communities.  No donor funds are spent on marketing, staff overheads or administration!  To date, we have raised more than $170,000 for Hands and have made a commitment to continue the relationship into the future.

To learn more about the 2014 Kwik Kopy Hands Classic, please visit: https://handsacrossthewater.org.au/pages/calendar-event/the-2014-kwik-kopy-hands-classic/

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