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Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos

videoIt’s Friday which can only mean one thing – viral video time! Yes – it’s when the team at Kwik Kopy checks out what is trending online.

There’s something for everyone in this week’s top ten – from cute animals to Disney’s Frozen sung in 21 cartoon voices to an English Guard (known for their ability to keep a straight face) who can’t resist a smile. Watch how someone finally gets him to crack.

Counting down from 10 to 1 …

10. Fish tank breaks at cafe

9. Dust devil catches fire in Denver

8. Surfing pig charms beach goers in Hawaii

7. Corgi versus sour lemon lolly

6. Baby gorilla reunited with her mum

5. Trombone player sneezes during performance

4. Cyclist saved by mattress

3. Magic for dogs

2. Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ sung in 21 cartoon voices


And our favourite recent viral video?

1. English guard cracks a smile


Have we missed any? Let us know the viral videos top of your list!

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