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Friday Fun – Top 10 Viral Videos

Friday FunIt’s that time of the week when here at Kwik Kopy we take a moment to look at what is trending online.

Here are the top ten viral videos that we’ve found entertaining and for anyone in need of improving their negotiation skills – you MUST check out our choice for number one this week!

Counting down from 10 to 1…

10. Puppies get first bottle


9. Not a lucky day for tractor man


8. Wolf belly rubs


7. Squeaky shoes in library


6. Gotta go fast!


5. Mum tries to teach adorable daughter life lesson


4. Dog blasting horn (really!)


3. KTLA St Patrick’s Day earthquake


2. Retired soldier reunited with his military dog


And our favourite recent viral video?

1. Three year old really wants a cupcake


Have we missed any? Let us know the viral videos top of your list!

Source: http://metro.co.uk/2014/03/14/top-10-viral-videos-of-the-week-first-kiss-to-parrot-excuse-4576181/

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