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Top 10 Trending Viral Videos – June 13

Fridayvideos2Here at Kwik Kopy we take our work very seriously, but we’re always ready to have a bit of fun too.

With this in mind, we’re taking a look at the viral videos currently trending in Australia this week.

Share with your friends and tell us which one is at the top of your list!

Did we miss any?

Counting Down From 10 to 1…

10. Kitten Jam – Turn Down For What (adorable kittens dancing)

9. “Surf Clay Were We Go” – Wheel of Fortune Fail 

8. Dogs HATE the Internet! 

7. What’s the Weakest Eye Colour??

6. Americans Taste Exotic Asian Food

5. A Drum Beatin’

4. 20 Dance Moves NO ONE Should Do!

3. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brazil

2. Volkswagen – Eyes on the Road

1. All By Myself – Richard Dunn


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