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Footy Fixture CardsMarch marks the kick off of both the NRL Premiership and the AFL Premiership seasons and what better way of celebrating the Aussie love of sport together with the opportunity of promoting your business than with our Footy Fixture cards.

NRL and AFL are two of the most watched sporting codes in the country. Each code has their die-hard fans avidly following the progress of their team for an entire season. This passion and interest also provides an opportunity to lock in 22 weeks of advertising for your business through the distribution of footy fixture cards branded with your company logo.

Here at Kwik Kopy, we love AFL and NRL fixture cards as they provide our clients with a fantastic promotional opportunity for their business. Footy fixture cards provide you with an economical way to secure a huge amount of brand awareness for your business.

Just imagine how many noticeboards, office desks and corkboards your logo could be permanently fixed to for an entire season of football mania.

To find out more about NRL and AFL footy fixture cards for your business, give us a call or request a quote  online.

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