FBtipsdontworkWhen it comes to Facebook and your small business, there are plenty of digital marketing tips and tricks out there that claim to help you achieve social media success.

With over 1.23 billion users active on Facebook each month it’s no wonder we’re all looking for that little bit of magic that will help us stand out from the crowd.

But the truth of the matter is that some so called tips are just a waste of time and energy.

3 Facebook Tips That Don’t Really Work

1. Buying Facebook Fans

You’ve probably seen posts on your page from people claiming to help build a following for your business. In the short-term you will see the number of ‘Likes’ to your page increase – the problem with buying fans and followers is that a lot of these people don’t actually exist. If you’re buying lots of fake LIKES then you’re not going to be able to grow an engage audience that you can potentially convert to loyal customers.

2. Tagging Irrelevant People in your Pics

You’ve seen it in your own feed, if someone gets tagged in a pic on Facebook, they receive notification and it’s often been suggested that businesses try this to try to get more people to notice your brand. Warning – stay away from this approach. It’s something that spammers are renowned for and that means that regular social media users are pretty savvy to this. Only tag people in your photo if they’re actually in the pic and you won’t go wrong.

3. Hashtagging everything

In a word – DON’T! When Facebook first launched hashtags, everyone was adding them into their Facebook content and for a while it might have seemed like a good thing. But now it’s been proven that posts without hashtags are the ones with more viral reach. So by all means use a hashtag if you’re trying to promote a cross-platform campaign that includes a hashtag, otherwise stick to your own strategy – slow and steady wins the race.

At the end of the day, if you stay true to your business and brand values, focus your energies on creating compelling content that your target audience wants to read and integrate Facebook into your overall marketing strategy – your Facebook page will grow at a solid pace and more importantly, it will deliver results!