EmailsB2B email marketing is alive and kicking! What’s more, it continues to be an effective and relevant marketing tool for small business. Some of the key factors when it comes to attracting your audience include keeping your email marketing messages short and concise as well as adding a personal element.

Another important factor to remember is that your email subject line can make or break your campaign.  Long winded subject lines are definite red flags for bad marketing content but if you get your subject line just right – you’ll be on the road to success.

Fact: Subject lines of less than 5 words beat longer subject lines 65% of the time

Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all and it can be the case of trial and error when it comes to learning how to increase your open rates and more importantly, your conversion rates. It is often a good idea to run subject line tests to see what your audience responds to best. There are also a few best practice rules that will keep you on the right track every time.

5 Best Practice Email Subject Line Tips

1. Make sure you state the subject of your email in the least amount of words possible

2. Ensure your email subject line is something of relevance to your target market

3. Try creating a personalised subject line (and make sure this is backed up by personalised content – as fans of the generic mass email are few and far between)

4. Be cautious when trying to entertain your audience and if you do choose to use humour – make sure your humour will be understood

5. For mobile audiences – communicate your message in the first three words. Remember mobile devices cut off a subject line anywhere between 25 and 40 characters (depending on the device). As a guide – iPhones will cut off after 35 characters.

For more tips on creating the best subject lines that generate the highest conversion rates, speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.