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Domain Name Registration – The Importance of Securing Your Business Name

Securing your domain nameSecuring the right domain name for your business is a really important step toward using the internet as a successful tool for marketing your brand. Even if you aren’t quite ready to create the ideal website for your business, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on the perfect domain name by ‘parking’ the name until you’re ready to use it.

But you should get in quick if you can. Domain names, particularly those with popular keywords, are being reserved by the thousands every single day!


4 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs A Domain Name

  1. Credibility – Having an official domain name for your business positions you as a serious player in your chosen field or industry. And, with a domain name you’ll be able to create official email addresses for your business to build trust with your customer base.
  2. Branding – The perfect domain name increases brand awareness and makes it easier for the right people to find you.
  3. Rankings – Having your own domain means you’re able to be indexed more easily by the search engines. Domain names that include keywords are especially useful for increasing your rankings.
  4. Protection – Once you’ve registered your domain name it’s yours, but until you do, it’s up for grabs. One of your competitors could very easily snatch it out from under you.

Tips for Selecting the Best Domain Names

Your domain name should be:

  • As short as possible
  • Memorable
  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to pronounce 
  • Something you can easily brand
  • Not too similar to another domain name – particularly one in your industry
  • Descriptive
  • Directly related to your industry or your chosen keywords
  • Not in conflict with another existing trademark
  • Trustworthy – always use .com or .com.au instead of something obscure like .ts or .ws
  • Appropriate – make sure your word choice doesn’t accidentally spell something offensive

For more tips about finding the best domain name for your business, contact the team at Kwik Kopy today!

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