Always something there to remind meThe lyrics of a 1960s Dionne Warwick hit should be the catchcry for marketers in businesses large or small. The big conundrum facing most marketers is how to cost-effectively achieve ongoing brand visibility and, ultimately, sales.

When you consider the big dollars it takes to run mainstream capital city advertising on a weekly basis, it’s really easy to see why most companies’ marketing dollars don’t last very long.

Given it is exponentially more cost effective to increase sales from existing customers than trying to convert new business, you have a terrific case for the promotional giveaways. What is a promotional giveaway? It’s a gift that promotes your business or a specific product or service within it.

If you have a fridge, chances are you have a few promotional premiums stuck to it. The day advertisers realised the power of the self-adhesive magnetic strip, was the day the look of kitchens changed forever. Free calendars, notepads, menus and shopping list pads can now live on magnets right in front of our faces, reminding us day in and day out that if the drains block up, Pete the Plumber is just a phone call away.

One reason promotional products work as a marketing tool is because they have inherent value as a ‘gift’. The psychology behind this is fascinating. Of the six prime influences on human behaviour, our need to reciprocate, or give something in return for receiving a gift, is extremely powerful. (R. Cialdini, Influence) We are compelled to offer something in return, regardless of whether we wanted the gift in the first place. Often your willingness to do business with the promoted company is reciprocation enough. How cheaply our loyalties are bought!

So the important issue is that your ‘gift’ should be seen as a genuine gift and not merely a promotional device. For example, printed fridge magnets that offer nothing more than your company details are seen as advertising (and as unoriginal to boot). But a well-designed notepad is actually a useful item and has inherent worth to the recipient. In fact, the fun is in coming up with ideas that sell your business in a memorable and relevant way. A firm of electricians give away branded torch pens when they meet new customers. Not only does it get people talking, but it will also come in handy if the fuse blows: A torch and the name and number for a local electrician are right at your fingertips.

People appreciate the thought that goes into something, whether it is nice design, a fun idea, or something new and fresh. For example a recruitment business sends out sets of printed beer coasters with the message ‘no drips’.

In the corporate world people still love receiving items such as deskpads with tear-off monthly pages, calendars, branded sticky notes and sets of postcards. The secret in business is to make it happen but so often we simply don’t dedicate the time to do it. Make it easy on yourself and let your local Kwik Kopy Centre do the whole program for you. All you have to do is provide your logo and your mailing list or database and Kwik Kopy can take care of the rest.

For more handy design and promotional giveaway tips, head to your nearest Kwik Kopy Centre.