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Barcoding and Distribution

Barcoding and distribution servicesSave on postage costs.  Barcoding your mail has never been easier.

Barcoding your mail allows Australia Post to efficiently process it resulting in cheaper postage rates for you.

Kwik Kopy can create and print valid barcodes directly onto letters, envelopes, labels and all other printable solutions.

You can barcode single documents or mail merge any number of documents easily.

We have the data tools available to provide your business with a solution to take maximum advantage of the new barcode sorting and delivery technology available from Australia Post.

Working with Kwik Kopy provides a fast and accurate way to validate your records and append approved barcodes.

Barcoding is also a requirement if you want to use Australia Post delivery services for:

  • PreSort
  • Charity Mail
  • Acquisition Mail

Kwik Kopy will process the addresses in your database, crosscheck it with the Postal Address File (PAF) database and give your addresses Australia Post AMAS approved barcodes.

This ensures your mail is sent to a valid address, which means your clients receive your mail and reduces your returned mail rate.

Improve data quality and mail deliverability

Kwik Kopy use address validation functions to rid your database of incorrect address information. This improves the cleanliness of your database and increases the deliverability of your mail.

Save Time

Save valuable time spent sending mail and processing returned mail by working with Kwik Kopy.

Reduce costs

Kwik Kopy’s barcoding capabilities reduce your returned mail and productivity costs and let you take advantage of Australia Post barcoded mail discounts.

Increase Productivity

Kwik Kopy’s capabilities provide you with a simple and speedy solution.  We can process hundreds of thousands of barcodes an hour to speed through your barcoding in record time..

If you want to boost the effectiveness of your client communication, speak to a design and print expert at your local Kwik Kopy Centre.