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Christmas eCards vs. Printed Cards


Christmascards1stSending a festive greeting to your valued customers, suppliers and other contacts is an important gesture for any business at this time of year. As well as showing people you value their business, it’s also a chance to thank them for their loyalty while promoting your brand at the same time.

The good news for businesses these days is that you have the option of choosing between a Christmas eCard or a printed Christmas card. Both equally effective for spreading your festive message, it’s simply a matter of deciding which option is right for your business. Here are some tips to help you decide.

4 Pros of Christmas eCards

1. Cost Effective

An eCard means you save money on physical materials as well as the cost of postage too, making it a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional printed Christmas card.

2. Saves Time

Most businesses are frantic in the lead up to the holiday season and sending a Christmas eCard can save you valuable time. Just a push of a button and your festive greeting is sent.

3. Environmentally Friendly

If your business is focused on being sustainable, then an eCard is the ideal way to send your festive greeting. It also makes a great impression with customers who are environmentally conscious too.

4. Track Results

Any gesture you make as a business needs to give you some sort of return and your eCard lets you collect valuable analytics about who is engaging with your business.

4 Pros of Printed Christmas Cards

1. Tangible

A printed Christmas card is tangible and has a certain charm. Your customers, suppliers and other associates will enjoy receiving an envelope and finding a nice card and festive greeting inside.

2. Personalised Message

You can include a handwritten, personalised message inside a printed Christmas card to help you make a direct connection with your recipient.

3. Traditional Approach

Whether you have recipients or it’s your business who is the lover of tradition then you will appreciate that there is something special about sending and receiving a printed Christmas card.

4. Memorable

A well designed branded printed Christmas card can be a more lasting reminder throughout the festive season – giving your business a point of difference and bringing you front of mind with all recipients.

To promote your business and spread some festive cheer, take a look at our range of Christmas eCards and printed cards or speak to the team at your local Kwik Kopy today.

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